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darko4ever [userpic]


May 3rd, 2007 (03:07 pm)

So one of the awesome perks of working at a movie thater is adavcne screenings. My review of Spiderman 3 is under the cut

Warning: Spoilers, dont click if you dont wanna know

Alright so like spiderman 2 the credits are worked in with clips from the previous movies, which are cery cool.
There are a bunch of intertwining story lines, so Im gonna break it down into categories


Basically, I wasnt sure if I would like the Eddie Charachter but I fell in love with him after this

Eddie: OMG Gwen
Captain Stacy: What? ..Wait Who are you?
Eddie: Eddie Brock Im also dating your daughter

The trasnsformation scene into venom was amazing. Eddie, IMO, definetly showed how the darkness can affect someone, even more so than spider man. When he ran back into it at the end, after Peter rescued him, I was completly shocked.

One criticsm: Being the comic book geek that I am, I was upset with the role Venom played. I really felt they could have workede him in more to this movie.

my new found love of escaped convicts (prison brak) was expanded with him. His transformation scene into sandman was so amazing and so well done artisticlly

JAMES FRANCO ALMOST NAKED!!!Im really trying to decide what was hotter, Harry after he lost his memory and was uber cute or badass goblin harry. The first fight between Goblin and Spiderman was so intense,defiently pulled me into the movie. No Im definetly a MJ and Peter shipper, but the scene between Harry and MJ were too cute. Especially, when they were dancing around and Harry was making her an omelet.
No what would a Spiderman man movie be without good old MJ/Harry?Peter love triangle scenes (Well we'll find out in the next one)When Harry realizes he is trying to kill Spiderman, and how he chooses to hurt him, is to have MJ dump him was so good. The catty teenage girl that I am applauds you.
Now the second fight with Peter and Harry in the partment, was just completly slashy and oh so delicious.
Now I never cry at movies,not even the notebbok, but I was bawling when Harry dies in MJ and Peter's arms.

And Dark Spiderman

Basically, I love how the show Peter's gone to the darkside bye having him darken his eyes and throw his hair in his face. EMO!Pter=SEXY!